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Beauty of Joseon is a Korean brand that has reinterpreted the unchanging beauty of nature and traditional practices in a modern way according to the wisdom of Joseon women. Based on “Gyuhap Chongseo,” the beauty care methods of upper-class women in the Joseon Dynasty were summarized. A cruelty-free brand.

“Gyuhap Chongseo,” the encyclopedia of the Joseon Dynasty, was written by Yi Bingheogak, a Silhak scholar who was born into a distinguished family in 1809 (9th year of King Sunjo). In addition to various home methods, this book also includes methods for eyebrow correction, skin cleansing and hair care.
Members of the Joseon Dynasty viewed ornate, ostentatious decorations and jewelry as obscene and inferior. Therefore, women from noble families wore minimal colored makeup and focused on creating clear and flawless skin rather than applying makeup and adornment.

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