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General terms and conditions

І. General provisions

1. These Business Rules (hereinafter: Rules) govern the relationship between the parties entering into a sales contract, where, on the one hand, Simon és Szimics kft. )), hereinafter "KoreaShop" or "Seller"), on the one hand, the Buyer.

2. Buyer is the person who entered into a sales contract with the Seller and purchased goods from the Seller through the online store located on the website, and who is entitled to assert claims related to liability for defects in the goods (hereinafter referred to as "Buyer").

3. These Regulations and the sales contract are drawn up in Hungarian and do not refer to the code of conduct.

4. The contract falls under the scope of the government decree, Government Decision 45/2014.(II.26.) on the detailed rules of contracts between consumers and businesses applies.

5. With the order, the customer confirms that he has read these terms and conditions and agrees with them.

І. General provisions

ІІ. Information security and protection

1. The customer must provide the following information at the time of purchase:
- first and last name / trade name;
- permanent residence/domicile;
- if the customer is a trader and has a tax number, in this case this information is also provided;
- e-mail address;
- phone number.

The data is necessary for the identification of the Buyer and for further communication necessary for the delivery of the goods.

2. The terms of handling personal data and the regulations for individual personal data, with which the Buyer hereby agrees, are contained in the document entitled "Protection of Personal Data".

3. In the framework of the complaint procedure, customers must provide the following data: name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address. All personal data obtained in this way is used exclusively for the purpose of handling the complaint. The customer has the right to access and correct their personal data, including the explanation and deletion of incorrect status, as well as other legal rights related to this data.

III. Conclusion of a sales contract

1. The remotely concluded contract is created based on the Buyer's electronic order (by sending the order, the Buyer sends a proposal for concluding the sales contract), which is confirmed by the Seller (acceptance of the offer). If no confirmation is received, the order will be automatically confirmed after 48 hours.

2. The sales contract is created by sending the order to the Buyer and accepting the order by the Seller.

3. With the sales contract, the Seller undertakes to hand over the object of purchase to the Buyer and enable him to acquire ownership, and the Buyer undertakes to take over the object and pay the purchase price to the Seller.

4. The seller reserves the right of ownership of the goods until full payment of the price of the goods. The seller must send the goods to the designated carrier to deliver the goods to the final customer. The Seller hands over the purchased goods to the Buyer in the agreed quantity, quality and design. If there is no agreement on the method of packing the goods, the Seller is obliged to pack the goods in a way that is suitable for their safety and protection. In the same way, the Seller packs the goods for delivery.

5. If the Buyer - for any reason attributable to him or not - does not fulfill his acceptance obligation, the Seller may demand additional payment of the delivery cost from the Buyer, which in any case is HUF 1,575 + VAT, even if the delivery fee is you originally received this service without or at a different price.

6. Re-shipment of the package is possible on the working day following the payment of HUF 1,575 + VAT and its receipt on the account of Simon és Szimics kft. The payment is considered received if the Buyer sends a bank confirmation of this by email to the email address

ARC. Prices and payment terms

1. The customer receives the goods at the price valid at the time of the order. Before placing the order, the customer has the opportunity to familiarize himself with the full price, which includes VAT and all other fees.

2. The seller accepts the payment terms.
Online bank card payments are made through Barion's system. The bank card data will not reach the merchant. Barion Payment Zrt., which provides the service, is an institution under the supervision of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, license number: H-EN-I-1064/2013.

3. The goods remain the property of the Seller until full payment. The risk of damage to the goods passes to the customer after delivery. If the goods are sent cash on delivery, the information on the payment terms cannot be changed.

4. Procedure in the event of an incorrect price:
It is considered an obviously incorrect price:

HUF 0 price,
a price reduced with a discount, but the discount is incorrectly stated (e.g.: in the case of a HUF 1,000 product, with a 20% discount, the product is offered for HUF 500).
In the case of an incorrect price, the Seller offers the possibility of purchasing the Goods at the real price, with which information the Buyer can decide whether to order the Goods at the real price or cancel the order without any adverse legal consequences.

A. Delivery conditions

1. The conditions for the delivery of goods within the time limit agreed in the contract are as follows:
- order control;
- free stocks of the ordered goods in the quantity according to the electronic order;
- payment according to the information on the website.

3. The Seller's obligation to deliver the ordered goods is fulfilled by transporting the goods and handing them over to a courier (courier service) for further delivery to their destination.

4. The seller may charge the shipping cost. Detailed information on costs and delivery conditions can be found in the Goods delivery appendix. In addition, during the payment process, information is provided about the price, date and shipping costs, which KoreaShop also confirms in an e-mail sent to the Buyer. Together with the goods, we deliver a tax receipt (invoice) to the Buyer. All prices include VAT.

VI. Withdrawal from the contract

1. The Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded on the Internet or by telephone without reason within 14 days of the delivery of the goods. In this case, it is necessary to send the letter of withdrawal from the contract (complaint form) to the e-mail address within the specified deadline. Send the completed complaint form and the requested goods to the following address: 2120 Dunakeszi, Magdolna utca 40. If the consumer wishes to exercise this right, he must send the complaint form to the Seller's address no later than the last day of the specified period, or deliver it by post to the Seller's address, to the address specified in the contact information, no later than the last day of the period. After communicating the withdrawal from the contract, the consumer is obliged to personally send or hand over the object of the withdrawal contract, with all documents - e.g. the original invoice, instructions for the goods and other documents that were delivered together with the goods, but no later than 14 days from the date of cancellation. The cost of returning the goods is borne by the Buyer. In case of cancellation within 14 days of the delivery of the goods, you are also entitled to reimbursement of the cost of delivery of the goods, in the amount corresponding to the cheapest method of delivery. In case of later withdrawal from the contract, we will only refund the purchase price of the goods. We will return the stated amount to you immediately, but no later than within 14 days of cancellation. However, legally we can wait until you return the goods to us with payment. We use the same payment method as you used to pay the purchase price, unless we agree otherwise.

VI. Withdrawal from the contract

2. KoreaShop is responsible for defects that occur after the customer receives the product within the warranty period (warranty). The warranty period for all goods offered in the KoreaShop online store is 24 months, unless a shorter period is indicated on the goods. The warranty period begins when the goods are received by the Buyer.

VIII. Complaints

1. If the product is damaged during delivery, KoreaShop will reimburse the customer in the form of a coupon (discount for the next order). The customer can also request the repair of the defect as a replacement of the product. If it is impossible or unprofitable for KoreaShop to eliminate the error, the Buyer has the right to request a discount on the purchase price and - in the event of a significant error - to withdraw from the sales contract. When reporting the error, the Buyer is obliged to inform the Seller which right he has chosen.

2. The product must be considered defective, especially if it does not have the usual or presented properties, does not meet its intended purpose, does not comply with legal requirements, or was not delivered in the agreed quantity. Skin sensitivity or an allergic reaction to the delivered goods is not a reason to detect a defect in the goods. Similarly, defects in gifts or free products not included in the order are not considered product defects. The photos of the products in our online store are illustrations and do not constitute a binding description of the product's properties (for example, the packaging may differ due to changes made by the manufacturer).

3. 3. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding complaints by contacting us at with the completed complaint form found here. When filling out the form, do not forget to describe the defect and attach photos of the defective product (if possible). Send the claimed goods together with the claim form to the following address: 2120 Dunakeszi, Magdolna utca 40.



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