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Facial Care

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In our facial care category, we offer the best quality Korean cosmetics that help keep your skin in perfect condition. Korean facial care is famous for its effectiveness and innovative products, which it combines with traditional oriental herbs and new technologies. The Korean facial care routine consists of 8 steps designed to keep the skin clean, hydrated and glowing. The first step is to remove make-up and oil-based impurities with facial cleansing oil. The second step is a thorough washing with a foaming cleanser, which removes dead skin cells and dirt accumulated in the deeper layers of the skin. The third step is toning, which stimulates the supply of moisture and nutrients to the skin. The fourth step is the use of the serum, which has an intensive effect while remaining on the skin and concentrates on problem areas such as wrinkles or pigment spots. The fifth step is the facial mask, which provides extra hydration or nourishment while providing a pleasant and relaxing experience. The sixth step is to use an emulsion or essence to help hydrate and even out skin tone. The seventh step is hydration, which aims to keep the skin hydrated and firm. Finally, the last step is the use of sunscreen, which protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun and preserves its youthful appearance. Choose from our wide range of Korean face care products, which include various creams and serums, which we develop following the Korean philosophy. Discover the benefits of Korean facial care and experience the renewal and radiance of your skin with these quality products!
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